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Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

Own Your Own Business

Entrepreneurs are people that recognizes opportunities and organize resources to take advantage of them.  Most businesses in America are small businesses owned by entrepreneurs - local people, perhaps even someone you know.  What does it take to start your own business?  How do you get started?  What types of things do you need to know? 

Planning for success is important.  To successful in business, you need more than an good idea and more than a great product/service.  Business owners need to be able to handle all the details that make a business work - areas like marketing, basic accounting, finance, and business and contract law.

It's not for everybody, but it can be rewarding and profitable.  Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur/business owner? 

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
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Entrepreneurs (downloadable, printable .pdf files - require Acrobat Reader to view)

Entrepreneur ís Dictionary.  Here are important terms that on should become familiar with in order to "speak the language" of business owners.

Legal Issues for the Entrepreneurs.  Like everyone else in our society, business people need to know what laws apply to their operations.  Remember, "I didn't know" is not an excuse (22 pages).

Prepare Yourself to Become an Entrepreneur.  Getting started in business can seem overwhelming - here's an article that explains some of the basic skills and knowledge it takes to be successful in business.

Start a Small Business.  This guide outlines the things an entrepreneur should know BEFORE they get started (26 pages).

Technology Entrepreneur Guidebook.  Markets change, technology markets change quickly.  Here is an up-to-date, comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs in technology fields (89 pages).

Teenpreneaur.  A publication for today's teens that features teen entrepreneurs, celebrity entrepreneurs, information on careers and colleges, saving and investing for teens, and business ideas and much more.  Published by

What is an Entrepreneur?  While many believe that people are "born" with leadership skills, research shows that becoming a successful entrepreneur is something that we can learn - here's a good place to get started.

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?  This article presents an in-depth analysis of entrepreneurship and the different ways to be successful in business (17 pages).

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
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Entrepreneur Self Assessments

Am I an Entrepreneur? (pdf)  Let's look at some of the attributes and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.  Are YOU one?

Creating Employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities for Youth (pdf).  Developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this manual outlines how to create a network resource center for youth (22 pages).

Business Start-Up Quiz.  Are you ready for self-employment? Take the Youth Employment Services interactive entrepreneurship quiz to find out! Answer the questions honestly, then click How'd I Do? to find out whether you're ready to become an entrepreneur.

Do I have the profile of an entrepreneur?  Many entrepreneurs share common characteristics.  Try this self-assessment and the "Rate your business potential with PROFIT's National Entrepreneurship Test" located in the "related links" side bar to the left.

Do You Have What it Takes? (pdf).  Entrepreneurship Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting and encouraging entrepreneurship, has developed this questionnaire to help you determine whether you have the qualifications to succeed in your own business.

Do You Have What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur?  Answer these 21 questions and find out.

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment.  Here is a tool to help better measure your entrepreneurial potential. This questionnaire includes 50 statements, and will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Entrepreneurship Self Assessment.  Complete the online survey for yourself first - then compare your responses with those of actual business people.  After each one click on the box to find out what the entrepreneurs said and why!

Entrepreneurial Self Assessment Survey (pdf).  This survey is for your personal information.  Please answer each of the following questions as honestly as possible.

Entrepreneur Self-Test (pdf).  This short assessment was designed to help an individual identify and understand his/her entrepreneurial potential. 

Entrepreneur Tests.  This site has some short online "quizzes" to help look at different aspects of becoming an entrepreneur.

What Does It Take? (pdf)  This short test was developed by the U.S. Small Business Administration after conducting a survey of 100 successful business owners.  You can use this test to identify your strengths and find areas where you can learn more.

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
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Business Plans

American Express Small Business Plan Resources

Business Plans and Marketing Plans

Business Plan Guide (pdf).  This worksheet walks you though the process of creating a business plan.  It also refers to some helpful Websites to find out more information to help organize all the information you will need.

Business Plan Guides & Templates

Business Plan Guides from The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series

Business Plan Outline (

Business Plan Outline (pdf).  This outline briefly describes each section of the business plan and lists several questions to answer under each section.

Business Plan Start Up Guide (pdf).  Before beginning your business plan, make sure you can answer the following questions. You should be able to support your answers with specific data and verifiable facts. Once you have done your research, and answered the questions below, organize your data into a formal business plan format, similar to the one presented here.

Business Plan Writing

Creating Your Business Plan Samples and Templates

Developing a Business Plan

Elements Of A Business Plan

FREE Business Plan Outline

How to Write a Business Plan (Microsoft)

How to Write a Business Plan (pdf).  This is a comprehensive guide to writing a business plan that covers virtually every aspect of operating a successful small enterprise (37 pages).

Keys to a Successful Business Plan (pdf).  Here is an excellent resource to help get started organizing and "thinking through" a workable business plan.

Preparing a Business Plan (pdf).  A business plan is a formal document which explains in detail your strategy for developing a financially successful business. Writing a good business plan is a must if you expect to receive financing.

Small Business Plan Guide

Small Business Plan Mistakes:  Errors in the Business Plan That Cause it to be Rejected

U.S. Small Business Administration:  Business Plan (pdf).  From the SBA, this is a comprehensive guide to use as a "template" to complete a professional, workable business plan (35 pages).

Using a Business Plan

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
Careers Home / Career Activities / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
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Online Resources

Business Management & Advice Small Business Resources

Business Owners Idea Cafe, Small Business Ideas, Information, Networking

Business Owner's Toolkit

Entrepreneurship Resources

Entrepreneur Web Guide

Entreprenuership Resources:  Business Plan

Federal Citizen Information Center:  Small Business

Free Resources:  Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

How To Start a Small Business

Learn How to Start a Business

Small Biz Resources:  Tools, Tips, Dollars and Sense

Small Business and Intellectual Property

Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource

Small Business Articles from the Microsoft Small Business Center

Small Business Development Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Small Business/Entrepreneurship Resources

Small Business Guides

Small Business Internet Tutorials for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Small Business Marketing Ideas, Marketing Plans and Best Practices

Small Business Marketing Plans and Strategies

Small Business Resources (AllBusiness)

Small Business Resources (Google Directory)

Small Business Resources (

Small Business Services, Internet Access and More

Small Business Web Sites & Small Business Resources Directory

Starting a Business:  Resource Center

U.S. Small Business Administration:  Hotlist Links Directory

U.S. Small Business Administration Online

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
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Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

Artists as Entrepreneurs:  Are You Listening? (pdf) Here's a quick lesson in non-verbal communication.  This is an important skills for entrepreneurs.

Biz Start-Up

Business & Computer Lessons

Business English Lesson Plans for ESP and Vocational English

Career, Business Lesson Plans

e-Business Plan Tutorial Assignments

EconEdLink:  Entrepreneurship

Education World Lesson Planning:  Entrepreneurs

Education World Lesson Planning:  Start Your Own Business

Entrepreneurship (pdf).  This lesson identifies famous entrepreneurs and then looks at some of the characteristics that helped make them successful.

Hometown Heros (pdf).  This lesson is designed to introduce students to the people that make a difference in their communities - entrepreneurs.

How to Start a Business (pdf).  There is a process to follow and extensive resources are available to assist you. Patience and perseverance are required, but if you take it one step at a time, you'll be surprised at how quickly your new business concept can become a reality.

Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing

Marketing Lesson Plan

What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur (pdf).  There are many ways to look at leadership roles.  This lesson investigates how different types of leadership helps entrepreneurs become successful.

Entrepreneurs / Self-Assessments / Business Plans
Online Resources / Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
Careers Home / Career Activities / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
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