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Career Development
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

Content Standard:  Students in Wisconsin will explore careers and develop skills necessary to make meaningful decisions in a variety of business careers. Students will develop a career cluster focus based on their career development process.

Rationale:  Career development encompasses an individualís total life. In our changing society, career enhancements and career changes will become common. Individuals must be able to use the tools, resources, and guidance made available to them to make informed decisions.

Performance Standards

By the end of grade 4 students will:

K.4.1 Identify own likes and dislikes and careers that match these preferences

K.4.2 Identify what he/she does well

K.4.3 Identify what he/she needs to improve

K.4.4 Identify various types of occupations in the community

K.4.5 Describe careers of immediate family members

K.4.6 Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with other students and family members

By the end of grade 8 students will:

K.8.1 Identify own talents and interests

K.8.2 Identify own strengths and weaknesses with examples

K.8.3 Assess how oneís strengths and weaknesses relate to a variety of career options

K.8.4 Compare oneís skills and aptitudes with various career options

K.8.5 Describe several occupations within the business occupational cluster

K.8.6 Initiate a lifework plan to assess self, select high school courses, and identify potential career options

K.8.7 Create a career portfolio that includes career research materials

K.8.8 Compare education options

K.8.9 Use a variety of resources to gather information about careers

K.8.10 Relate career interests to opportunities in the global economy

K.8.11 Describe habits needed for career success

K.8.12 Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills in a work team relationship

K.8.13 Describe appropriate etiquette for work situations

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Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
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By the end of grade 12 students will:

K.12.1 Assess and analyze personal talents and interests as they relate to career decisions

K.12.2 Describe how personal qualities transfer from school to work

K.12.3 Identify ways to overcome weaknesses and capitalize on strengths

K.12.4 Update and present career portfolio that includes career research materials and work samples

K.12.5 List sources of training related to career plan

K.12.6 Analyze projected career opportunities and trends

K.12.7 Create a career and education (lifework) plan for transition from high school

K.12.8 Demonstrate habits needed for career success

K.12.9 Experience paid/unpaid work opportunities

K.12.10 Explain the benefits of community involvement

K.12.11 Discuss social and ethical standards of the workplace

K.12.12 Prepare documents for a job campaign

K.12.13 Participate in a mock interview

K.12.14 Describe employment trends in the workplace

K.12.15 Develop and maintain a job search database

Business Standards

Business students will:

K.BS.1 Identify how oneís own strengths match skills needed for business career cluster

K.BS.2 Develop strategies to acquire skills needed for business career cluster

K.BS.3 Identify strategies to use to upgrade and improve performance

K.BS.4 Explore entrepreneurship opportunities

K.BS.5 Explain the need for flexible career planning

K.BS.6 Identify a network of business people who will provide assistance in securing a job

K.BS.7 Explain the benefits of professional involvement

K.BS.8 Develop a database of professional organizations related to chosen career cluster

K.BS.9 Experience paid school- and work-based opportunities related to business occupational cluster

Careers Home / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
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