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I started digitally recording my guitar music in 2007, beginning with solo finger-style arrangements I created.  I like to keep the set-up simple and usually run my guitar (usually a Guild X500 archtop jazz guitar) directly into a digital recorder, not using a guitar amp.

This results in a very clean tone that has the pure sound of the guitar, is not shaped by an amplifier, and has no interacton between the guitar and an amp's speakers.  In the post-production/mixing stage, this gives me room to compress and equalize the guitar to bring out different tonal ranges. 

I do not like to mix in any effects other than a reverb (spring and/or plate).  I have a couple of fine acoustic guitars -- an jazz-style archtop and a Guild D100 dreadnaught flat-top. 

I do not believe that these guitars ever sound fully natural mic'd up (like they sound live w/o microphone).  Each does have an electic pickup system, but, to my ear, they lack the warm natural tone I get with my Polytone guitar amps when they are run direct into a recorder.

Sometimes I play an Epiphone Sheraton that has been upgraded with Gibson BurstBucker Pro pickups.  I do sing, but until recently, did not believe I had a good microphone set up to record natural-sounding vocals. 

I have obtained a better setup and plan on recording some songs with guitar and vocals soon.  At this time, I have only a couple of tracks/videos where I sing (Each recorded in a Cambridge, Wisconsin, studio).

With the Digital Blues Band/Late Freight

With New Age Jazz Trio

My Solo Finger Style Guitar Arrangments


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