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Cataloging and Acquisition

bulletIFLANET Digital Libraries:Cataloging and Indexing Electronic Resources
bulletMIT Cataloging Oasis Some neat links, e.g., geographic name server
bulletTPOTS Technical Processing Online Tools
bulletThe Cataloger's Reference Shelf A collection of reference manuals on authority lists, classification guides, etc. for LC/MARC cataloging
bulletLION Cataloging for School Librarians Mostly a bibliography, but some useful links, e.g Vendors who provide MARC records.
bulletPrinceton University's Cataloging manual Well presented guide, including physical treatment of items
bulletInforetriever - Internet Library for Librarians Comprehensive general resource, everything from dictionaries up
bulletIndiana University Cataloging Guide
bulletTechWeb Queen's University Cataloging Guide (extensive and forward looking)
bulletCataloging documentation available on the web
bulletNancy Olson. Cataloging Internet Resources
bulletReady, Aim, Surf Professional Links for Librarians

Vendor Sites for MARC

bulletBookWhere2000  Download MARC records from Z39.50 databases
bulletCASPR Library automation software
bulletFreeMARC Free MARC records -- register to use
bulletEZCatPro  Copy MARC records Download sample
bulletTrade MARC Copy MARC records (free test and password - see software section below)
bulletMARCit Cataloging the Internet in MARC format.  Download sample This is good for 10 records, so use wisely

LION, Vendor's Showcase. (Dated)

MARC Tags 

bulletFollet's Marc tags  Follet describes and illustrates use of each MARC tag
bulletCataloging Cheat Sheet - Marc Tags    A good guide to fixed and variable field 
bulletSLC Cheat Sheets  
bulletPenn State Music AV  
bulletOCLC Cheat Sheets  
bulletLOC Marc Standards: TagFields_SubFields  

The Dublin Core for Metadata

bulletOCLC Dublin Core Metadata Initiative  See in particular: Elements, Tools
bulletUKOLN Metadata  
bulletDublin Core Home Page  
bulletCORC  Usage Guidelines
bulletGlossaryFAQ Keith Schafer  EDUCOM '98 presentation
bullet Meta Matters  National Library of Australia site on all aspects of creating access to web resources through metadata; tools, links, discussions, etc.

Nordic DC Metadata Creator and Converter

bulletURN Generator:  Simple template for creating metadata
bulletNordic Metadata Projects Project, crosswalk, bibliography, resources
bulletMetadata for Home Page  Automatic web page metadata creation
bulletDC - MARC Convertor:  Automatic MARC:DC conversion

LC's Converter: MARC to DC and DC to MARC

bulletLC's DC-MARC Crossover:  Explains comparables in DC, MARC, GILS categories
bulletCross Over Between Unfamiliar Protocols  Useful animated graphic illustration of search terms in controlled vocabularies MetData Research Program

UKOLN Automatic Creation of Dublin Core Record

bulletDC-dot (UKOLN)  Automatic metadata creator

Collection Level Description, Etc.

bulletDC Working Groups:  Background
bulletDC Resource Types (simple):  Insight into the colloquial and simple beginnings of major change
bulletDC Resource Types: Collection Description Attributes
bulletLC American Memory  
bulletSunsite Berkeley Digital Library  Projects, directories, international sites

Libraries on Web with Marc Tags

bulletSt Louis Public Beautifully presented, easy to search, a standard presentation with a changed display showing plain language plus MARC tags
bulletLibrary of Congress - Search System Subject headings, MARC Tags, Dewey numbers
bulletCase Western Reserve - LC, Dewey, Marc  Alternative for LC, when busy
bulletInternational Library Catalogs with Webbed Interface  Traditional catalogs with webbed interfaces all over world
bulletSanta Fe Public Library  Several choices: Telnet, Web, Links, etc
bulletUWW Library

MARC: Libraries Accessed via Telnet, Web

bulletLibraries Online
bulletLibrary Catalogs with Web Interfaces: Z39.50 gateways  
bulletLibWeb  Search for libraries anywhere.
bulletMilwaukee Public Library - Telnet
bulletNCSU Library  
bulletWISCAT  A union catalogue of participating Wisconsin libraries 

Internet Resources: MARC Tag

bulletOrganizing the Web 
bulletCataloging Internet Resources, by Nancy Olson
bulletInternet for Libraries (IPL)

Decimal Classification, Applied


OCLC Connexion WorldCat automatic classification site

bulletOCLC WebDewey 
bulletTraining Resources  
bulletOCLC WebDewey Tutorial
bulletLibrary of Congress Classification, Summary and Explanation
bulletLibrary of Congress Call Number Search Help
bulletSanta Fe Public Library  
bulletMorton Grove Public Library, (Catalog)  Choose unformatted display for MARC
bulletMichigan Classified Electronic Library 
bulletMorton Grove Public Library's Webrary  
bulletIPL Youth Division  No longer organized by Dewey
bulletThe UK Web Library - Searchable Classified Catalogue of UK Web sites  
bulletBUBL Link  UK Catalog of Internet Resources for Higher Ed In many ways, one of the best.
bulletMr Dui's Topic Finder
bulletDMOZ  Open Directory Project
bulletProQuest Topic Finder Training
bulletThe Scorpion Project  Keith Schafer's experiment using a Dewey database to assign DDC numbers automatically to web pages. Fascinating assignment of key words, subjects, classification.
bulletThe Wordsmith Project  It is possible to determine what a document is about if even a small number of important words, phrases, or names are identified. The goal of WordSmith is to improve access to collections of electronic text by developing effective ways to identify and organize these important clues to content.
bulletKnowledge Organization Research at OCLC 
bulletSWISH-E  Simple Web Indexing System for Humans
bulletGIS Internet Directories  
bulletMetadata and Mapping 

Ready Reference

bulletInternet Library for Librarians  
bulletAndrew's Ready Reference  
bulletInternet Public Library Reference Collection  
bulletGovernment Documents
bulletWhitewater Doc
bulletUW-W Library  
bulletWeb of Online Dictionaries
bulletUniversal Currency Converter  
bulletBlackwell Book Info on Web
bulletPublishers' Catalogs Home Page  
bulletSchool LJ Digital  
bulletUWW Library

Software to Generate MARC Records

bulletMarc Magician  Templates to help you create and edit MARC records
bulletEZCat  Evaluation copy, download MARC records from the web. Wisconsin's Book Systems representative is Learning Opportunities, Inc.; Steve Wilson  (800)354-5216  Fax: (612)974-0945 
bulletMARCIt  The tool for cataloging the Internet in MARC format.  How it works and how to use it. Try out a sample version of MARCit
bulletLibrary Pro This is a version of CASPR library automation software for schools.  Available as downloadable demo for both IBM and MAC. This fully working version of Library Pro v.3.0. limits you to using 250 catalog records, and you can't print barcodes or labels. (Download Library Pro).

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