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Directories / Listings / Indexes

The first online resources are probably the most useful. They are fee-based services.

bulletMedia Review Digest.  Fee based
bulletNICEM Indexes  Fee based, CD-ROM and online
bulletBowker's Complete Video Directory 
bulletFilm & Video Finder.  National Information Center for Educational Media, a Division of Access Innovations, Inc., by Plexus, 1991, v. 1. Subject section and directory of producers/distributors, v. 2. Title section (A-K) -- v. 3. Title section (L-Z).
bulletMartin, M.  Video Movie Guide 2001.  Ballantine Books, 2000.
bulletMovie Guide: The Most Comprehensive Film Reference of Its Kind Berkeley Publishing Group, 1998.
bulletThe New York Times Guide to the Best Children's Videos Pocket Books, 1999.
bulletOppenheim, J.F. & others.  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2001, The Best Toys, Books, Videos, Music & Software for Kids. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Inc., 2000.  
bulletElementary School Library Collection.  No longer published
bulletVideo Source Book. National Video Clearinghouse. 1st-  ed. ; 1979- 


bulletFollett;s TitleWave  Fee based

Lists of Producers / Suppliers (write for catalogs, equipment)

bulletAV Market Place. R.R. Bowker, c1989- (Reference Collection   
bulletThe Directory of Video, Multimedia and Audio Visual Products. 1998-1999 ed.  Daniels Publishing Group, 1998.
bulletLibrary Technology Reports. American Library Association.  (sometimes has evaluations of equipment)  Jan. 1976-


bulletBooklist, SLJ, Library Journal, Choice, Science and Children (check other subject specific titles - Social Education, Reading Teacher,...)
bulletMedia and Methods, Science Books & Films, TechTrends, American Record Guide, High Fidelity, Stereo Review, Notes
bulletMedia Review Diges Fee based.

Lists of freebies

bulletEducators Guide to Free Videotapes.  Educators Progress Service, c1992- 
bulletEducators Guide to Free Films, Filmstrips, and SlidesEducators Progress Service

Locating Old A.V. Materials

Catalogs of rental and borrowing libraries

bulletEducational Film and Video Rental CatalogMadison, WI : Bureau of Audio Visual Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Extension
bulletEducational Film/Video Locator of the Consortium of University Film Centers and R.R. Bowker.  New York : Bowker


bulletJung, J.G.  Best Videos for Children and Young Adults : A Core Collection for Libraries.  ABC-CLIO, c1990.
bulletPittman, R. & Swanson, E.  Video movies : A Core Collection for Libraries. ABC-CLIO, 1990.
bulletMason, S. & Scholtz, J., eds.  Video for Libraries : Special Interest Video for Small and Medium-Sized Public Libraries. American Library Association, 1988.
bulletShaw, A.  Seen That, Now What? : The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Video You Really Want to Watch. Simon & Schuster, c1996. 
bulletRiffel, J.  The Video Detective's 1997 Guide to the Top 1000 Films of All Time. Ecco Press, 1997. 

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