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Selection Tools

Print Selection Tools (see links for Best Books & AwardsNon-Print, Government Documents, Serials, and Software Selection Tools)

Resources and links for book reviews are listed here.  For additional sources on online book reviews, see AcqWeb's Directory of Book Reviews on the Web.

Review Journals

Check reviews to determine quality and appropriateness for your needs. Excerpts may be available in catalogs or online bookstores. Be wary of customer reviews or brief excerpts from reviews as these can be misleading. In some cases, you may want to do personal review of titles in another collection such as the CCBC in Madison.

Book Review Indexes


Book Review Index


Children's Book Review Index


Book Review Digest


Children's Literature Review


Children's Literature Database  Register for a 7-day free trial


Books in Print  Reviews for selected items


Periodical databases such as Ebscohost MasterFile (available through Badgerlink) may also list some reviews, although they are not as comprehensive as book review indexing sources. These reviews are in journals such as Horn Book, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.

School Review Journals

Most of these are not available full text at their websites, but may included recommended lists and selected reviews. Most are available full text in UW-W's Anderson Library and are indexed in Ebscohost's Academic Search Elite or MasterFile Premier.

bulletSchool Library Journal  Also covers nonprint
bulletBulletin of the Center for Children's Books
bulletHorn Book
bulletVOYA Young adult
bulletReading Teacher
bulletScience Books & Films
bulletLibrary Media Connection  Library Talk and Book Report
bulletBook Links

Public Library Review Journals


Publishers Weekly

bulletSchool Library Journal  Also covers nonprint
bulletBulletin of the Center for Children's Books
bulletHorn Book
bulletVOYA  Young adult
bulletReading Teacher
bulletScience Books & Films
bulletLibrary Media Connection Covers Library Talk and Book Report
bulletBook Links

Academic Library Review Journals



Current sources for in-print books:

Check these sources for current prices and availability. While it is sometimes possible to get titles not in Books in Print and some small publishing houses' materials are not included, if you can't find it in the recent edition, it will probably be difficult to obtain.

bulletBooks in Print 
bulletCumulative Book Index
bulletPaperbacks in Print
bulletChildren's Books in Print

Catalogs, flyers, announcements

Print, CD-ROM or online versions of vendor, bookstore or publisher catalogs:

bulletAmazon.com -- excerpts from professional reviews & reader reviews (use with caution); links to related titles; subject categories for children's books; search by age
bulletBarnes and Noble: narrow search by age range
bulletFollett's TitleWave  Requires registration
bulletBaker & Taylor's Collection Connection
bulletBrodart's FirstPick
bulletBWI Titletales  Requires registration
bulletAlliance Plus

Best Books, Recommended Lists, and Core Collections

Check for the most recent edition of each of these tools. There may be more recent editions than those listed below. These tools provide

bulletChildren's Catalog,  Includea links to reviews
bulletMiddle School / Junior High School Catalog  Includes links to reviews
bulletSenior High School Catalog  Includes links to reviews
bulletElementary School Library Collection No longer published
bulletBest books for children: preschool through grade 6, 1998
bulletChoosing Books for Children, A Commonsense Guide, 1999
bulletThe New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children, 2000
bulletElementary School Library Collection, 2000
bulletThe New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children, 2000
bulletBest Books for Senior High Readers, 1991
bulletBooks for you : a booklist for senior high students, 1997
bulletBest books for young adults : the selections, the history, the romance, 1994
bulletYoung Adult Reader's Advisor, 1992
bulletBooks for the Teenage, 1999
bulletBest Books for Young Adult Readers, Grades 7-12, 1997
bulletBooks for the Teenage (New York Public Library), 1999
bulletBest Books for Young Teen Readers, 2000
bulletBest Books for Young Readers, 1999
bulletBooks for You, An Annotated List from the 1994-96 for Senior High Students, 1997
bulletMore Teens' Favorite Books, Young Adults' Choices, 1993-1995
bulletHigh-Interest Books for Teens, 1999
bulletPublic Library Catalog, 1998
bulletBowker Annual - Best Books, Best YA Books, Best Children’s Books, Bestsellers

Subject bibliographies (examples)

bulletMulticultural Literature for Children and Young Adults (vol. 1 and 2), 1998
bulletWhat Do Children and Young Adults Read Next? 1997
bulletWhat Do Young Adults Read Next? 1997
bulletAdolescents at Risk, A Guide to Fiction & Nonfiction for Young Adults, Parents, & Professionals, 1993
bulletTeen Genreflecting, 1997
bulletJunior Genreflecting, A Guide to Good Reads & Series Fiction for Children, 1999
bulletThe New Press Guide to Multicultural Resources for Young Readers, 1997
bulletGreat Books for African-American Children, 1999
bulletLesbian & Gay Voices, An Annotated Bibliography & Guide to Literature for Children & Young Adults, 2000
bulletLet's Hear It for the Girls, 375 Great Books for Readers 2-14, 1999
bulletRecommended Books in Spanish for Children & Young Adults, 1991-1995
bulletBuilding an ESL collection for young adults : a bibliography of recommended fiction and nonfiction for schools and public libraries, 1998

Check online databases such as Library Literature (First Search), Education Index (WilsonWeb) and ERIC (Ebscohost) under your subject.  It is also useful to contact an organization or institution related to the topic (e.g., the Holocaust Museum).

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