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Virtual Reference

Ask a Reference Librarian UK's electronic reference library.  This site contains a downloadable PDF manual that gives insight into how collaborative digital reference can work.


Collaborative Live Reference Services

DIG_REF The Virtual Reference Desk listserv for digital reference. The DIG_REF archives are at Yahoo Groups.  The archive provides links to reviewed sites and other useful information and resources.

Internet Public Library Reference Policy  This site contains a useful reference for questions and indicates that users should not expect answers sooner than 3 days.  The site provides a link for those with recommendations for those in a hurry that contains useful tips.

Live Ref: A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services 

North Carolina Virtual Reference Advisory Committee Reference Services on the Web  Links to digital reference services and issues related to these services.

QuestionPoint A collaborative reference service between The Library of Congress and OCLC.

Real-time Digital Reference Technologies

University of Toronto Virtual Reference Links  Many links to on-line quick reference, other academic resources, and reference sources.

UW-Whitewater's Andersen Live Reference

Virtual Reference Desk   Funded by the U.S. Office of Education. Useful links include a description of the service and  training materials with sample responses.  A PDF version is available that outlines the essentials of providing reference service.

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