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Virtual Trips

Virtual Trips

Here are some educational and FUN links to visit exotic places and see exciting things.  The best part is, you don't even have to leave your computer!

A Tour of the Flynn Bogs.   When was the last time you took a walk in a bog?  

Africa Travel and Africa Society.  Created by experienced African travel veterans and experts committed to building the leading African travel portal website.

Black Holes and Neutron Stars.  If you are interested in the mysteries of space, climb aboard.

Death Valley National Park.  Check out the geological wonders.

Dogsled.com. All the fun, none of the frostbite!

Earthtrips.  A virtual journey into earth history.

GEO Virtual Reality Links.  A variety of links rganized like your library, the Dewey Decimal System.

GeologyLink.  Links to geological trips around the world.

Glacier National Park.  See various aspects of alpine glacial landscape interpretation, including landform identification, geomorphic processes and glacial history.

Grand Canyon River Running.  A trip through the Grand Canyon.  

Great Chicago Fire.  By the Chicago Historical Society and trustees of Northwestern University.

Hawaii.  Different tours around the islands.

Hotlist:  Online Exhibits.  The Franklin Institute's online collection of online exhibits.

Innovative Teachers Virtual Classroom Tour.  Microsoft's searchable collection of downloadable PowerPoint presentations -- Designed for teachers, but students will enjoy these resources too.

The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.  Feel the power of a real California earthquake.  

Online Museum Exhibits.  A variety of links organized by catagories.

"OOPS" Virtual Field Trips.  A large collection of links.

Rainforests.  A variety of interesting resources about rainforests.

Revolutionary War Virtual Battlefield Tour.  Learn more about the major battles of the Revolutionary War.

San Andreas Fault.  See the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Andreas fault.

Space Wanderer.  Travel to the depths of the Universe.

Titanic.  This tour requires PhotoBubbles.  The site provides a link to download it.  Quicktime 3 will also support this tour, but the experience will not be as good.

Tramline Field Trips.  A variety of science and other virtual field trips, also includes resources for teachers.  

Trips and Treks.  Variety of links.   

Xpeditions.  National Geographic's virtual museum.

Virtual Worlds and Field Trips.  An extensive collection, some are virtual reality sites and some are "annotated postcards" 

VolcanoWorld.  A "visit" to Mount St. Helens and more. 

Virtual Classroom Field Trips.  A variety of links organized by categories. 

Virtual Egyptian Museum.  This on gong project features different links.  Check back to see what's changed.

Virtual Field Trip Sites.  Another variety of links organized by categories.

Virtual-Field-Trips.com.  More links organized by categories.

Virtual Museum.  Virtual Tours of Museums, Exhibits and Points of Special Interest

Virtual Schoolhouse Field Trips.  Many links including museums.

Virtual Trips Links.  Even more of links organized by categories. 

Virtual Zoos.  Large collection of zoo links and other related resources.

Yahoo's Virtual Field Trips,  Extensive list from Yahoo's Travel Directory.

Yellowstone National Park.  An short introduction to this national treasure.

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