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Here are links to the course syllabus for each class I am teaching.  I have also included a link to describe my mailability standard for computer projects.  If you look at these handouts, you will get a better understanding of my classes and educational philosophy.

Introduction to MS Office.  This is the traditional Computer I class.  We look at the main components of Microsoft Office.

Desktop Publishing.  A class in page layout, I try to get away from drilling and practicing and instead emphasize authentic based projects that illustrate professional standards.  Students create a portfolio of "real-world" work.  

Business Applications.  This class builds advanced skills with MS Excel and Access and integrates them with the rest of MS Office.   Another project oriented class, assignments are build around authentic business problems and procedures.

Web Design.  Students love the bright colors, animations, and multi-media of Web pages.  Using MS Office and FrontPage, we build a variety of business theme Webs and examine principles of effective Web layouts.  We also review Internet basics and search strategies.

Mailability.  In the "real world," things are either reasonably correct and acceptable, or they need to be corrected.  Using modern software to edit and revise work to authentic standards is part of computer literacy.  Here is how I explain this concept to my classes.

Intro to Business.  This syllabus illustrates my approach to content-based business classes.  As much as possible, I keep them student-centered, activity-oriented, and performance based.

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