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Today's Vocational Educator.  While working in a school district that was placed on a "state watch list" for low achievement on standardized test scores, I created these publications.  In an effort to help the kids, I did a great deal of research on the role of vocational and technical education in reinforcing academic skills.  Here are 2 of the "newsletters" I wrote to share ideas with the Superintendent, faculty, and staff.

Today's Vocational Educator II.  To demonstrate improvement, school districts are going to have to increase the performance of students that are not showing adequate progress with traditional approaches.  Electives can fill this gap.  Here are 2 more "newsletters" I wrote to share ideas with others.

Mathematics.  Computers and math are a natural, after all, computers were developed to solve complex math problems for the military, industry, and academia.  

Language Arts.  Properly prepared, students take great pride in creating colorful, professional looking documents.  Today's desktop publishing software represents a excellent vehicle to engage students.  You should see the way my classes work, often right up until the bell rings, to create these projects.  This technology can positively impact language arts instruction.

Science.  Like it or not, may of today's youth will not get excited about reading a textbook.  A hands-on, student-centered approach gets students involved actively learning.  We can reinforce all types of science curriculum with a variety of computer based projects.

Family and Consumer Education.  In my opinion, vocational electives do not compete, we complement each other.  When vocational areas work together, we are highlighting the best that each area has to offer.  I am not afraid of letting students make choices -- it is my job to create engaging, meaningful curriculum.

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