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Page Layout.  Here is a sampling of some of the "authentic style" activities I have put together to create student-centered, project oriented computer classes.  Each activity has carefully written, short, detailed instructions.  I have not included the instructions in this sampling in order to minimize the download time of each sample project. Contact me if you want to see more.

Business Applications:  MS Excel.  No busy-work here.  These projects introduce and reinforce features of MS Excel along with reading, writing, critical thinking and business skills.

Business Applications:  MS Access.  While MS Access is a sophisticated, professional business application; these portfolio based assessments make learning it fun by using "real-world" contexts.

Web Design:  MS Office.  These projects were created with Microsoft software and introduce concepts of Web design and layout.

PowerPoint.  Students love PowerPoint's colorful slide shows and animations.  The outline style of writing allows some students to better express their understanding of material.  These projects are posted here as Web pages and are best viewed with 4th generation browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer 4 or later).

Animations.  Once we start creating professional looking Webs, we needed some animations to go with them.  Wow, did we have fun with these!  Contact me if you want details on the software or techniques we used.

Students Work:  Desktop Publishing.  I always watch for student work that expresses a unique style.  Give my students some room to express themselves creatively and they will impress you.

Basic Business.  I try to build my "concept" classes around the same principles I use in performance-based computer classes.  

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