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Information and Technology Skills for the 21st Century

Welcome!  This web was first created with the BreitLinks domain name in 2003.  The core of that site consisted of resources and links I put together to use in business education class going as far back as 1998.

Over the years, the site grew as I added new webs to support my work as a library media specialist, business teacher, and media producer & webmaster for Today Not Tomorrow, Inc. (501c nonprofit) -- producers of the award-winning network television show, Club TNT..

By 2012, I had more than 1,000 different HTML pages online -- all integrated in a large and diverse collection of integrated and cross-linked websites.  Collectively, these individual pages still get millions of hits each year!  However, I eventually realized that the BreitLinks family of webs was due for a make-over, pruning, and updates. 

The challenge was creating a plan to keep useful resources online while the Breitlinks family of webs were moved to modern web standards.  The new webs and supporting interactives and media are now compatible with all Internet-connected devise from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and now smartphone. 

This process is still a work-in-progress.  Please remember, more than 1,000 individual html files and all of their supporting documents, images, and media are being reviewed and updated.  This is why you may see some "Under Construction" banners on some pages.  This is also why some web project I have created over the years are being retired -- taken offline.

The original BreitLinks pre-dated YouTube.  The mission of these earlier webpages was about connecting and organizing resources, not necessarily provide interactives with streaming media.

At the heart of library work is this simple concept:  Keeping found items found

If you have any questions about this site; are looking for resources that have been retired; or want to share ideas for projects, links, and resources -- please contact me via my email form.

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